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The Mind-Body Approach to Stress Management Course

Weekly classes over 8 weeks teach participants how to manage stress utilizing a variety of mind-body techniques. Meditation, nutrition, art-making, journaling, guided imagery work and more impart stress management skills. Learn something new each week and get support from other members to bring your stress level down to manageable levels and learn to slow down.

Date: Varies

Time: Varies

Location: Boulder, CO and Denver, CO (Meeting details sent via email to participants who sign up for updates) A tele-coaching version of the course is available for those who cannot participate in person.

Living Vibrantly with Chronic Illness: Monthly Support Group

Join Lifeboat Coaching each month to support each other on the journey through chronic illness. Learn techniques for daily living, coping mechanisms and how to stay afloat in these busy times.

Group coaching, journaling, art making, yoga are just a sampling of the group activities. Take time for yourself!

For information on upcoming group sessions, click here.

Date: Varies

Time: Varies

Location: Boulder, CO and Denver, CO (Meeting details sent via email to participants who sign up for updates).

Lifeboat: Stop Drowning. Start Floating. Workshop for Living Vibrantly with Chronic Illness

In this supportive workshop, you will learn how to examine our beliefs about chronic illness, provides strategies to deal effectively with pain and stress, and guides us through creating a vision for a vibrant future— no matter what obstacles we may face.

Using a mix of Eastern wisdom and cutting-edge science we will build a solid foundation for achieving our dreams. Through mindfulness practice, writing exercises and group work, we will examine the beliefs holding us back how to transform those beliefs to enable healing and growth.

A sampling of what we will experience on this transformative retreat:

  • Group Coaching
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Meditation Instruction
  • Visualization
  • Writing Exercises
  • Art Sessions

Date: TBD. Sign up for more details here

Location: Varies

Start Floating River Retreat

Based on the popular Lifeboat: Stop Drowning. Start Floating workshop, this 4 day river raft trip down the Green River in southern Utah’s beautiful canyons will help you learn skills to live vibrantly with chronic illness. Through seminars, journaling, yoga and group work learn to deal with pain, ease stress and achieve your dreams no matter what your current health condition. Meet and bond with others who are seeking transformation in their lives as we navigate both the river and chronic illness. A private coaching session is included in the package. No prior river rafting experience is necessary. (NOTE: While this is a gentle raft excursion, you need adequate fitness to paddle and to enter and exit the raft.) Limited to 6 participants.

Date: Summer 2014. Sign up for more details here.

Location: Green River, Utah